Supporting and nurturing the whole child.

Welcome to Woodline

Woodline Primary is a small school set on a 20-acre farm in the beautiful Geelong hinterland.

We have created a nurturing environment where you are welcomed with respect, presence, connection and care. A safe learning space where you can be free to question and explore. A place to be who you really are.

Safe learning space

Connection is at the heart of every decision we make. We consciously foster an emotional connection with each child. This provides the foundations for a safe learning space. When we feel emotionally safe in our environment, our capacity for learning and growth flourishes. It gives us space to laugh, play and learn… all the joys of childhood.

Our safe learning space goes well beyond a non-punitive environment. The emotional wellbeing of each child is at the forefront of our approach. By creating a community in which each child feels that they truly belong, it feels at once safe and exciting to make mistakes because all insights are celebrated.

Our class sizes do not exceed 16 children and we will always have less than 100 students in total at the school.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage students to take risks and to know that risk taking is safe. It’s with this mindset that we reach our innate potential.

Who we are

We honour all parts of a child’s being. As part of the Woodline community, children are empowered to fully express their true nature and to know and value themselves deeply, because it’s when we are in tune with who we are that we can learn to trust ourselves, others and the world.

Children are encouraged to be active creators of their lives. Our role is to create and hold space for them to appreciate their own uniqueness.


Honouring the whole child

We foster an environment in which children feel that all parts of their being are welcomed and supported.
Our ultimate goal is to encourage children to take risks and to know that risk taking is safe.
Our aim is to enrich our childrens’ lives with skills that will support their understanding and value of themselves.
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Life skills

What sparks a child’s wonder and curiosity? This is where we draw from when constructing our learning cycles, because it is in the inquiry that truly valuable learning takes place. Children engage when their curiosity is sparked and they are feeling excited about the quest of learning.

What we really want is for children to think for themselves, to develop critical reasoning. Research continues to show that academic success is often indicative of children merely knowing how to ‘do school’ rather than being a marker for future success. We recognise that self-knowledge and expression, and interpersonal skills are increasingly valuable in a time of unprecedented technological advancement, and our curriculum and pedagogy are designed to help children develop these skills.

Our Children


Acknowledgement of Country
Woodline Primary acknowledges and pays respect to the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the land in which we learn, play and gather together.