Pedagogy is the method of teaching – the art, science and practice that breathes life into the curriculum. We have created a learning experience that, true to our school’s values and objectives, is shaped by a rigorously curated set of pedagogies:

Pedagogical approaches

  • Emotional safety, which is captured in the emerging field of trauma-based education.
  • The concept of world centred learning is reflected in the OECD’s recent work on global competency.
  • The ideas of honouring the individual, connection and wisdom are reflected in the Reggio Emilia framework.
  • In keeping with the student-centred learning movement, the teaching and learning program at Woodline is a child-focused education. The widely recognised ‘play-based learning’ curriculum forms the basis of the Early Years Learning Framework within our school.
  • Emotional connectedness is a central tenant of the PERMA based, Positive Education framework, which is now adopted in a multitude of schools across both the independent and government sectors.
  • Democratic education is captured in a range of documents, including UNESCO’s Global Citizenship curriculum framework and Michael Fullan’s 6 Cs curriculum.