Our values are everything

Our values are the beating heart of Woodline. They are our foundational truths and they’re woven into every fibre of our school:

Our Values

Connection is at the very heart of our school. Our most important question as educators and mentors is “how can I best connect?” We foster an environment in which children feel that all parts of their being are welcomed and supported. We connect with students and families to build trust and open communication that allows us to work collaboratively to support our children, and this helps our children learn the value of connection.

We connect with ourselves and others.

Our beautiful school sits on 20 acres of farmland within the Geelong hinterland. It’s an environment that provides a constant reminder of our inheritance and our responsibility to do whatever we can to tread lightly on the planet and to be active changemakers where we see a need. The school has an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, running composting and worm farms, water efficiency projects and a functioning micro-farm that supplies our kitchen.

We strive to be mindful of our impact and take action to make that impact positive wherever we can.

It is through trust and connection that we are able to be open with one another and really get to know and value our community. We are transparent in our communication with students and families, open to being challenged, and open to feedback and new ideas.

We are open to learning new things.

Often children’s sense of wonder, awe, spirit, exploration, play or imagination is not welcome in the classroom. We not only celebrate children’s curiosity, we’ve designed a curriculum in which students are encouraged to follow what intrigues them, investigate the wonderous, and bring it to life if its only home is in their imagination.

We are curious.

We welcome and support all parts of a child’s being. We honour each individual – allowing them to fully express their true nature, and teaching them skills to cultivate and treasure their extraordinary uniqueness. We recognise that each child learns and creates in a way that is particular to them and we provide a learning environment that is inclusive, differentiated and respectful of individuality. We hold space for children at school, empowering them to value themselves deeply.

We have compassion and empathy for ourselves and others.


Acknowledgement of Country
Woodline Primary acknowledges and pays respect to the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the land in which we learn, play and gather together.