Our team

On top of being passionate and talented educators who care deeply about the emotional wellbeing of children, our guides have all undergone training in Aware Parenting and continue to receive training and support to boost their own wellbeing.

As parents, we know that our own wellbeing is vital in ensuring we have the energy, presence and patience to give our best selves to our children, and of course we want this for our guides too. We run a program of listening partnerships and personal development that nourishes guides so that they are able to give their best to their students.

We have chosen to call our teachers, Guides, as we believe that is the role of the adult to guide children within their learning. We trust in the children’s ability to learn and the role of the Guide is to foster their intrinsic motivation to ask ‘why’ and to follow their passion and instinct.

We also have Guide Assistants that float between classes to support the Guide with the social, emotional and academic development of students at Woodline. This may be achieved through holding space for a child who needs to share their emotions or have a sensory break, assisting individuals or small groups with their learning, roaming the learning space to see if any extra needs of the children can be met.

Their Aware Parenting Training means they know how to hold space for a child when their emotions get the better of them; they recognise that a child’s behaviour is reflective of her inner life and that when undesirable behaviours arise, it’s a call to understand what is going on for that child that has led to the behaviour. Connecting with a child in order to bring out his best is more a function of listening than explaining, and once the child has expressed themselves, they often feel released emotionally and can focus on learning.

All our staff are also deeply inspired by the curriculum we have created. Focusing on how a child learns, taking note of their unique personality and interests and encouraging them to develop a love of learning.


Acknowledgement of Country
Woodline Primary acknowledges and pays respect to the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the land in which we learn, play and gather together.